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PRISON BREAK: The Final Break

You're spending your last days in the Fox River jail...
The reason of arresting is suspect of murdering, and the judgement is execution by electric chair.
But you know that you are not guilty.
However, your innocence is not provable coz as you figured out before, you are also victims of conspiracy of government.
Time is up so you do not have more choice, the only chance for surviving is:

But don't forget, escape is just the beginning..
The real challenge going to start after leaving your cell...

Number of players

2 - 5 person

Game time

75 minutes


Under 12 years be in attendance upon adult only!


  • 8990 Ft / 2 fő
  • 10.990 Ft / 3 fő
  • 12.990 Ft / 4-5 fő

Michael Scofield... do you know this name? The room was built by reason of the "Prison Break" movie

Maybe you also were following the most popular series of the year 2006, where Micheal Scofield started to make an incredibly perfect plan to help his brother to escape from prison.

At the building up it was important for us to make connection between the story line of the movie and our room.

But don't worry if you didn't watch any episode of the series because it's not even requried to solve the puzzles.

Though there is the chance to make you feel like to start to watch the series after you finnished this room :)