Escape Room for everyone | Törd a fejed Escape Game | XI. District

Are you searching for something to give? Surprise your loved one with an escape!

Tough the combination of socks and mug as a gift can be very useful but who is not bored of it for the umpteenth time?!

Step out of the line and rather give the amazing experience of escaping!


Let's make unforgettable together this special happening :)

How much does it cost?

ajandek utalvany szabadulos jatek ajandek kartya tord a fejed

Stone of eternal life

  • for 2 persons / € 20
  • for 3-4 persons / € 28
  • for 5-6 persons / € 35
ajandek utalvany szabaduloszoba prison break

The Final Break /Prison Break/

  • for 2 persons / € 25
  • for 3 persons / € 32
  • for 4-5 persons / € 38

What opportunities?

  • Birthday
  • Name day
  • Christmas
  • Valentine's day
  • Mother's day
  • Or just why not

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What do you need to do for order?

Fill the form below and klick on the send button, after that we are going to contact you and fixing the next steps..