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Stone of eternal life

As the time had always being working against us, is there anyone who had never the question in mind:
"What is the secret of eternal life?"
So, this ancient secret lies hidden deeply in the jungle.
Elder scrolls mention the existence of a stone, which is believed to bestow eternal life on those who touch it.
As you have this scritto you quickly find the "cave of lost souls" where the crystal probably rests.

But the entrance is hidden and a sinister sound leads you to recognize, the walls of the cave are not going to stand forever.
You need to find the way in and fast solve the mystery around the stone before it stucks inside and becomes part of the crumbling walls. Whether able you get in, get it and get out?!

Let's start your adventure that may change your lives forever.

Number of players

2 - 6 persons

Game time

75 minutes


Under 12 years be in attendance upon adult only!


  • 7990 Ft / 2 fő
  • 9990 Ft / 3-4 fő
  • 11.990 Ft / 5-6 fő

This is not a basic traditional escape room because the main mission instead of escape is to find the magical stone in the jungle.

A real treasure hunting game, where the adults and kids also can enjoy the style and puzzles.

So it means, this escape adventure is recommended to families with children as well.